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Community Update 29

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Creator of the Week 🧠

This weeks creator is Siofra Martin, who is a a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and a Tax Associate at KPMG. She’s a new investor and has been learning how to make her money work for her through the Zash Community over the last few weeks.

1. What do you generally like to invest in?

I only recently started my investing journey. Like most people I’ve found it hard to ignore the astronomical rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs this past year. Several years ago when they had a purple patch I dismissed the idea of investing, but I couldn’t help but be curious this time round and wanted to get some skin in the game!

I bought Cardano, Ethereum and Uniswap on the advice of a friend in the Zash Community and I’ve been quite content with the modest growth in my portfolio so far!

2. How would you describe your investing style?

I began dollar-cost averaging my investments across several weeks as I was passively investing to begin with. However, I’ve caught the cryptocurrency bug and I find myself checking Coinbase more and more often throughout the day now!

3. What industry/ Company’s future are you excited by and why?

I’m heavily invested in how blockchain technology can impact record keeping. Blockchains like the Ethereum network, Cardano and Solana have the potential to revolutionize this area through smart contract processes and I’m really excited to see its impact on areas like accounting and finance in the near future.

Zash Learn 🤓

Last week we talked about fan tokens and how they might lead to greater adoption of blockchain technology, this week is the turn of the real game changer – Blockchain Gaming. Specifically play-to-earn blockchain gaming.

Blockchain technology is changing how gamers use the rewards they build up while playing. Gamers have been accustomed to most rewards being confined to the universe of that game, but now they can bring those rewards with them across platforms. At last gamers can move and sell items, your favourite game doesn’t have to be a one way street anymore! Rewards earned on one platform can be traded to improve your outcome on another platform, blockchain is bringing equality to gaming.

Take Axie Infinity for instance, the crypto phenomenon that just recorded $800 million in revenue, over the last 30 days! Axie is based on Non-Fungible Tokens and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players buy digital pets, Axies, as NFTs and then go on to breed, battle, and trade them. Once traded they can use the profits to fund more gaming fun!

So, on the face of things it’s a game, but behind the scenes it’s much more. Their white paper describes Axie as a nation with a real economy, and based on its growth so far thats not far off.

While Axie grows and continues to pick up more players so does blockchain gaming. A lot of people are looking for the next Axie, the next 100x idea that they can play-to-earn.

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Reading of the Week 💡

Last weekend the football world was shocked by transfer news yet again.

A few weeks back we talked about Lionel Messi’s historic departure from Barcelona, this week it was time for a homecoming.

Cristiano Ronaldo agreed a deal to return to Manchester United 12 years after leaving the club for Real Madrid. In that time Ronaldo has gone on to even great heights, while united have flattered to deceive on the pitch.

As they announced the deal United’s stock price soared, they’ll be hoping their fortunes on the pitch will follow suit.

Ronaldo’s modest transfer fee of £15 million adds to the extraordinary £1.04 billion invested by Premier league clubs over the summer window, and thats after covid left stadiums empty for most of the year!

Tech News 🖥️

Stock Market 📈

Crypto Market 

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