Special Edition, we've got some exciting news inside this weeks update 👇

Zash Community Update 26

Dear All,

We’ve got some exciting news to announce, after months of building, we have submitted to the app store.

Now we play the waiting game with our friends at Apple to cross the digital chasm...

Creator of the Week 🧠

This week we’re the Creators 💪

As we wait to hear back from Apple about our submission we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the hard work that got us here.

Over the past 8 months we’ve been busy with product research, customer development, community building and more. But the last month has been the most important as we gear up for our product launch.

As everything comes together today we want to give ourselves a pat on the back and thank our wider community for their patience as they waited for our highly anticipated launch!

Don’t Forget! Now that we’ve submitted those who are the top of our waitlist will get exclusive access to our app before anyone else. If you want to improve your position, make sure you sign up on our site now and share the link

Twitter shares of this post get bonus bumps up so get sharing now to get early access before we go absolutely viral and our cue gets longer! 🧨

Zash Learn, burn?🤓

Approximately 2.3 Eth is being burnt 🔥🔥🔥 every minute through the new transaction fee mechanism introduced during the Ethereum’s London upgrade last week. What does this mean for the cryptocurrency hoping to displace Bitcoin? Check it out 👇

The London hard fork went live last week and with it the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 was initiated, which will adjust gas fees on the network.

Gas fees are payments made to miners that process and validate transactions on the Ethereum network. Gas refers to the computational effort required to execute transactions on the network. Prior to the London upgrade gas fees were quite unpredictable, making transacting on the Ethereum network less attractive.


The London upgrade looks to address this unpredictability. Every block now has a base fee. This is the minimum price per unit of gas for inclusion in the block, which will be calculated by the network based on demand. This is where things get confusing…this base fee is burnt in every transaction. In the first 24 hours of EIP-1559 $12 million worth of ETH was burnt. Unlike burnt toast this isn’t such a bad thing 🍞

What is burning? Basically every time a transaction happens now the base fee will be sent to an address with no user. That ETH can never be accessed, burning simply means that it is removed from circulation. This will reduce inflation on the network and slow down the increase of the circulating supply.

While Ethereum miners might feel the burn more than others its actually quite an encouraging development for the legitimacy of Ether as a currency. Check out these two articles if you still want to know more.

Zash $wag 🤑

With the exciting news or our submission to the App store we’re also going to offer some swag to early users!

We’re going to offer some Zash tee-shirts as well as some other surprise bits for our past creators as well as our early users!

If you’d be interested in getting some, fill in the form here - and make sure you’re not on the bottom of our waitlist!

Reading of the Week 💡

Point72 announced their first investment in cryptocurrency last week. The New York based hedge fund that inspired HBO’s series “Billions” has officially invested in crypto.

The venture capital arm of Point72 Asset Management led Messari Inc.’s Series A funding round, which closed at $21 million

Tech News 🖥️

  • Draft Kings, who went public through a SPAC merger last year, announced they would be acquiring Golden Nugget Online Gaming this week. The deal will be worth around $1.56 billion (in stock) and is the latest in a streak of M&A activity in the gaming industry.

  • Washington vs Big Tech: Lina Khan’s battle to transform American antitrust

Stock Market 📈

Crypto Market 

Food for thought

  • Financial crisis at FC Barcelona has resulted in Lionel Messi departing after 21 years - almost this writers entire life... It was announced today that he signed a 2 year deal at Paris Saint Germain worth a reported £25 million-a-year.

That’s all for now and we’ll see you next week,

Team Zash


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