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Creator of the Week 🧠

This weeks creator is Daniel, known as DB Capital on Twitter.

He is a content creator with a focus on growth stock trading. Posting all of his market analysis, stock charts, swing trading ideas via Twitter

He enjoys exchanging ideas on the market and welcomes opposing views so make sure to follow him for some great insights and conversations! As he says “In this game we all learn from each other no matter how experienced you are.”

What do you generally like to invest in?

My focus is on companies with Great fundamentals such as: +50% EPS (earnings per share) Growth +50%, Revenue Growth +20%, Return on Equity. I trade leading companies with huge future expectations showing great fundamentals and also a great chart.

Some examples of stocks that I trade often: $TSLA $NET $SHOP $DOCU $ROKU $SNAP and $AMD

How would you describe your investing style?

I consider myself a low risk growth stocks swing and position trader. I look to get involved in powerful price moves over short periods of time, usually 2 weeks to 3 months.

My system is based on the CAN SLIM strategy developed by William O'Neill. I try to make 15% or more on each trade. I look for low risk entry points on stocks that meet my criteria. I think it's really important to know and define your risk before entering a trade.

I use stop losses between 2% and 5% from my entry price to protect my capital in case I am wrong. What I really love about my strategy is that my sell rules on weakness will push me out of my stocks after they made a huge run, nailing down profits without giving much back. In the past this has protected me from major correction and specially bear markets.

What industry/ Company’s future are you excited by and why?

I think the strongest industry groups for the next 20 years will be the ones that saw huge growth since the pandemic started. In 2020 the world had a strong push towards a more digital future. We realized that it is more effective, easier and cheaper to do business virtually.

My main focus will be on cyber security, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and the incorporation of cryptocurrencies/DEFI to the financial system. I’m excited about DEFI and the raise of cryptocurrency. The only thing I’m skeptical about it is how the transition of the financial system to a new system based on smart contracts will be done. I’m not an expert on that field so I really want to see strong leading companies emerging in that space.

Zash Learn 🤓

This week we’re looking at Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

A Central Bank Digital Currency uses an electronic record, or digital token, to represent a country’s fiat currency in virtual form. A CBDC is centralized, meaning it is issued and regulated by the competent monetary authority of the country - i.e. the Bank of England or the U.S. Federal Reserve.

In fact The People’s Bank of China has already been trialling a Digital Yuan which it plans to launch for next years Winter Olympics. Closer to home and Rishi Sunak has been denying plans of a potential “Britcoin” recently, although admittedly the British government is exploring the possibility of offering a digital currency in the future. So, why all the fuss about CBDCs?

In theory CBDCs would enable increased financial inclusion across society. Allowing citizens to create and hold funds at a central bank account could provide greater access to financial services for unbanked and underbanked members of society - a cross-section which makes up 1 in 5 people in the United States.

Focusing on the U.S. for a moment there might be a particularly strong case for a USD digital currency. Since the Dollar is the global reserve currency it’s also the United State’s biggest export. This has allowed the U.S. to push the limits of reality when it comes to monetary policy, but could also be a boon when it comes to creating a CBDC. Check out this awesome thread below for more, and make sure to follow us on Twitter where we share stories like this every day!

Reading of the Week 💡

Robinhood IPO’d last week and even though they listed at the lower end of their expected range ($38) and ended the day down there was some interesting stories from their listing.

Firstly, Snoop Dogg and Nas invested in Robinhood’s Series A at $0.20 a share, which means they made a pretty impressive profit last week when Robinhood went public!

Speaking of healthy profits, Robinhood’s controversial CEO Vald Tenev was busy making some last week. In fact he dumped over $45 million worth of HOOD shares…despite Robinhood claiming it would restrict users from flipping the IPO shares…

Tech News 🖥️

Stock Market 📈

  • Corporate earnings reports have markets fluttering around record highs at the moment, read more here on the unusually strong earnings season. More than halfway through the US reporting season and 86% of companies have beaten expectations!

  • As well as corporate earnings reports U.S. Non-farm payrolls are released this Friday and the markets will react accordingly. For more on what Non-farm payrolls are and how they affect the markets check out our previous Zash Learn feature here!

Crypto Market 

Food for thought 🥇🥈🥉

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