⚡ Zash Community Update 12: Beta Release, Member of the Week, & More...

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Dear All,

Happy Tuesday!  Each week we update you on our latest happenings, developments, product updates, and more. 

Why? Community is at the heart of our product. We want you to be part of the crucial steps of our product development. You can read all of our previous Community Updates here.

Closed Beta Release 👀

We're excited to say, that after a lightning 4-week blast, having brought on our new Full Stack engineer Efe, our beta is ready and being tested this week with a handful of members. We are in bug-killing mode first but If you’d like to be first in line and join the waitlist to test out our product, you can sign up for the Beta waitlist here. 🐛

If you’d like to refer your family and friends to join the Zash waitlist, you can refer them to our landing page.

Creator of the Week 🧠

In this week’s installation of our Creator of the Week spotlight series, where we highlight some of our most engaged Creators across the community, we have the VP of Strategic Finance at Checkout.com: Joao Marinho. Here’s a little bit from Joao:

  • What do you generally like to invest in? Most of my holdings are in passive tracker funds (global equities). And then I have a few crowdfunding, small VC holding plus some token bitcoin

  • How would you describe your investing style? Two extremes - it's either super passive or quite alternative and risky

  • What industry/company’s future you’re excited by and why? B2B Fintech. The unit economics can work, you can truly benefit from a tech model (high operating leverage) plus the TAM is pretty damn big

  • What do you love about the Zash Community? It exposes me to ideas and assets I would not normally come across. It also just has a nice environment, where people seem to generally be pretty clever and informed but humble, curious and not afraid to share some views

Reading of the Week 💡

  1. NFTs Rise to Fame, DeFi Consolidates 2020 Gains

  2. SpaceX successfully launches astronauts with a re-used Dragon spacecraft for the first time

  3. How Hedge Funds are Leading the Race to Stake Start-ups

  4. Microsoft, Apple, MicroStrategy to Be Listed on Binance as Tokenized Stocks

  5. Coinbase IPO: It’s All Downhill from Here

  6. Retail Investing 3.0

That’s all for now and we’ll see you next week,
Team Zash

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